It is vital to find experienced workers for the home job you require. These days, you hear less about DIY and for one good reason -it is time-consuming and costly if amateurs make mistakes.

Finding a good builder can be tricky. Where do you start? Watch this episode and find out more.

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Speaker 1:           Hey guys, we are in the beautiful community of Glendale Lakes, at the model homes of Saratoga Homes.

Speaker 2:           It is really nice Kiesha.

Speaker 1:           Yeah, it’s lovely. So we want to thank Saratoga for allowing us this opportunity-

Speaker 2:           Thank you Saratoga.

Speaker 1:           And thank you for tuning in to this edition of the Real Estate Stew with the What’s Cookin’ Crew. I’m Keisha.

Speaker 2:           And of course I’m Patrick, guys.

Speaker 1:           And we are here to bring the best topics and hottest questions in real estate today.

Speaker 2:           And let’s see.

Speaker 1:           So, let’s see what the viewers want to know.

Speaker 2:           Yes mix them up Kiesha.

Speaker 1:           Okay, all right. Go.

Speaker 2:           Let’s see what’s in here today. Let’s get one. All right. Let’s see what we have. There’s so many and they keep coming. Well, okay. I’ve seen so many bad reviews on … Oh my goodness, they’re actually giving some names, several names of … I’m not going to name names. I’m just going to say on builders, let’s say that. Can you tell me who the good builders are?

Speaker 1:           Wonderful question. That’s a wonderful question. I guess to just jump into it, there’s good and bad in everything. I work for a builder for many years, and we had our share of good and bad reviews. So I always compare it to, I hate to go there but dating. How you do your homework before you go out with someone?

Speaker 2:           I don’t know anything about that, Keisha, because as you know, I was … Been going on 18 years of marriage, right. But when you do say dating, for those out there who can relate, tell me what you’re saying. Because I started thinking scanning and like … When you say that, I saw some show, but I don’t remember what it was, but it’s like the ladies, the men-

Speaker 1:           The Dating Game.

Speaker 2:           Was that it, the Dating Game? It’s like, the guys would come in, and boom it’s like the image come up, starting some scanning, saying … Look to see if they … What type of belt, and how much the shirt costs, what kinds of shoes they were wearing … Is that what you’re talking about?

Speaker 1:           That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

Speaker 2:           Oh my goodness. Is that what we’re telling them? We’re telling them that’s what they need to do as it relates to builders?

Speaker 1:           That’s what I mean. Yes, yes. With dating it’s social security numbers, credit check, background check. With builders, you want to go through a similar process. Because you’re about to sign a contract …

Speaker 2:           Well that’s true, that’s true.

Speaker 1:           With this builder, and-

Speaker 2:           And spend a lot of money, in most cases.

Speaker 1:           Yes. Yes. And you don’t want to get half way in and decide, “You know what, I don’t really like you.” You know what I mean? After you invested time, money, energy, emotion …

Speaker 2:           So okay, when you say social scan, I’d imagine they’re going to pull social security on builder. So but putting it in perspective, what are telling them to look at? What are we talking about? They should up things like what? Like …

Speaker 1:           Reviews.

Speaker 2:           Reviews like okay, maybe Better Business Bureau?

Speaker 1:           Yes, and nowadays you have all kinds of review websites out there, including Yelp, and places like that. So reviews are readily available on the internet. Better Business Bureau is one. Yelp is another.

Speaker 2:           Okay, Consumer’s Affairs.

Speaker 1:           Absolutely.

Speaker 2:           We can also them maybe check court records, see if there’re any complaints that are found.

Speaker 1:           Any pending law suits-

Speaker 2:           Pending law, okay.

Speaker 1:           Any past, law suits. How the builders has dealt with any complaints that have been raised against them? So all of that, all of the … The beauty of the internet now is all of that information is readily available at your finger tips. So it’s not hard to find.

Speaker 2:           Something else though Keisha that I’ll tell you. I’m old school, and I always say that. Something that I’ve always done and continue to do and tell all my clients to do, and that is get in your car, guys, and if you’re considering a certain community, drive out to that community, and park and observe. And let me say this, do it a couple of times. Why? Because you may go out this weekend on a Saturday, and everything looks great.

Speaker 1:           Yes.

Speaker 2:           But maybe the negativity that you’re trying to see, if it exists, is on vacation that weekend. You know what I mean by that?

Speaker 1:           Yes.

Speaker 2:           And if you go next weekend, you may see it. So the key, guys, I’m saying is get in your car, go out, observe, and then if you see any of the neighbors out, go up to the neighbors and ask them.

Speaker 1:           Talk to them.

Speaker 2:           Talk to them.

Speaker 1:           Yeah, talk to them. Find out what their experiences were like when they bought their home, had their home built. If they had any issues. How were those issues resolved? Did the home close on time? Did the builder do what they said they were going to do? Were promises kept? All of that is important when you’re getting ready to sign a contract with the builder that’s going to be constructing your house, likely the most expensive purchase you’ll make in a very, very long time.

Speaker 2:           Yeah. And listen guys, if a person’s not happy with a situation, trust me, they’re going to jump at the opportunity to express the frustration etc. So you’ll definitely find out a lot of information.

Speaker 1:           They will.

Speaker 2:           Just to recap, one thing I would say is when we talk about the BBB and all of the few websites that occasionally we frequent ourselves, and checking for various individuals and one, again, is

Speaker 1:           Org, yes.

Speaker 2:           And then another is And another www.-

Speaker 1:           Courts.

Speaker 2:  Okay.

Speaker 1:  That’s it. And while you’re out there, don’t forget to drop us a line or send us your questions to

Speaker 2:           And also guys, as always we ask, please like us, comment …

Speaker 1:           And subscribe.

Speaker 2:           Hey guys, thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next time.

Speaker 1:           It’s always a pleasure. See you later guys.

Speaker 2:           Bye guys.

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